Blocked Drains.

M&K Plumbing Services have highly advanced technology to support the best quality and least disruptive way to fix your blocked drains. These inculde CCTV Drain Camera Inspections, Hydro-jet Drain cleaning systems as well as pipe relining.


M&K Plumbing Services offer CCTV Camera inspections allowing you to avoid going down the road of expensive drain replacement. We can camera inspect sewer and storm water drains to provide an accurate and competitive  price repair. 

Hydro-jet Drain Cleaner is a high powered, high pressure

drain cleaning device that can remove fat, roots and silt

from your sewer and storm water drains.

We can repair your pipes with pipe relining equipment in

hard to get areas like under concrete driveways or under

your house. This type of repair fixes your pipes

without the mess of removing & patching of concrete.

CCTV Drain Camera Inspection
Hydrojet Drain Clean
Blocked Storm Water
Blocked Drains.

Pipe relining